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I was just sat having a cup of coffee when a wonderful thought popped into my head how I would really like to make your Summer the best ever. We have had all this lovely weather recently which I find quite relaxing but it won’t be long before the dark nights are here and Autumn is upon us.  So there is nothing better than doing something to change the way we think and perceive things happening in our life and I want to help you.

So here goes – what I thought was I would offer my 12 week Career Transformation Programme as a Summer Sizzler. It is a once in a lifetime offer which may never be repeated and there are limited places available.

You will still get help to change how you feel by helping you to get your dream job making your dream come true, recognise your passion to change your career, get the promotion you want in the place you currently work or just feel more positive and energised in your work.

You will have time for yourself to help you to explore not just your career but your personal life too.  What would YOU like to achieve?

The benefits to you will be:

  • Identified a career change
  • Secured a new job
  • Have the confidence to go for a new job
  • Have the belief in your own ability
  • Have better job satisfaction
  • Feel happier in your work and personal life

So with that in mind, either do you, or do you know any women aged 30+ who might be interested in being more fulfilled in their work or improve their job satisfaction whilst increasing their confidence allowing them to step up and take their whole life to a new level.

Don’t delay only 4 place available. I want to get them filled by Friday 26 August 2016.

What you waiting for!

If you think you may know someone please let me know or ask them to email me: info@butterflytransform.co.uk asap and I can send more details

Hope to hear from you soon.

Have an amazing day.

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