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Redundancy is an extremely difficult time as you lose that sense of purpose, salary and now have uncertainty.  Money can be one of the biggest stressors in redundancy situations.  Redundancy normally brings with it also a range of deep emotions for the individual losing their job. The emotions you will go through can be related to those in griefing. First there may be denial, then anger, in some cases depression and eventually you will get to accept your situation.  Slumping into a depression can mean you moving towards an opportunity more difficult as at this point you have a negative mind set, lack of motivation and will not see the situation as an opportunity.

When I work with clients who have been made redundant I encourage them to view this as an opportunity.  It may be an opportunity to do something they have always wanted to do. It is important though to deal with the emotions otherwise the emotions could stop you moving forward or hold you back from making progress.

Recently I had the pleasure of coaching someone that did see redundancy as an opportunity.  They had been searching for years to try and identify a career that would most suit them as they had moved from different jobs recognising it wasn’t for them after a few months. This probably was because they hadn’t taken that time to explore what would best suit them and what they would most enjoy. The jobs they did get didn’t fulfil them or fit with their values.

Through my Career Transformation Programme over a 12 week period I was able to help them explore options and develop a self-awareness which helped them to become clearer and focus their mind. One of the most important things during this time was to ensure that a positive mind set was maintained.  To be open to new opportunities you need to be in a good place, your mind needs to remain open so when you are presented with an opportunity you recognise it just as that. You need to be resilient by bouncing back quickly to keep you motivated.

Exploring past experiences is important within this process as it starts to form a picture for your future.  Our past is all about our learning and how we overcome challenges that were presented during this time.  No stone was left unturned on working with my client until we had the bigger picture.

When deciding on what you want to do you also need to consider your lifestyle.  If you have specific hobbies can you still do these with the job you are considering as the job may entail shift work.  Does it also fit with what you want to do if your family?  Not being able to do the things you like to do would end up by you feeling frustrated and may be disliking your job.

So if you are under threat of redundancy consider having support to help you explore opportunities which will provide you with what you are looking for.


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