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Overcoming Anxiety…

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I thought I would share with you a case study of a client who I helped to overcome anxiety.

I was contacted by Christine* who was a nurse.  She was suffering badly with anxiety and had been for a long period of time.  The anxiety would start on a Sunday but would lessen has the week went on.  She had tried a number of different therapies that had worked whilst she was having treatment but when she stopped the anxiety came back.

On first meeting Christine and asking her a number of questions I knew that I could help her through coaching and helping her to change her mind set.

Christine’s anxiety was because she didn’t like her job but because she had changed jobs to a new environment which she felt out of her comfort zone.  She also had certain thought processes she had developed throughout her life which tended to put he under pressure.

Through the 12 week Career Transformation Program we explored where the thoughts that put her under pressure originated from and how she wanted her life to be.  We also identified the trigger points for her anxiety and explored what she needed to change.  Christine tended to focus more on the future worrying about what was going to happen rather than staying in the here and now. A lot of people do tend to do this when it is causing so much anxiety this is the point that a change needs to take place. It is starting to have a massive impact on both you and your family.

I recognised that Christine needed to dispel her negative thinking and become more positive.  Improve her self-confidence and become more self-aware of her inner critic. She recognised that the hard work to change her situation could only be done by her taking action herself. Every session Christine demonstrated she was committed to making this change happen.

By the end of the 12 weeks Christine was almost there but was having anxiety on a Monday morning.  Christine said she didn’t wake up feeling anxious but then she would pick up her phone check her messages and the anxiety would start.  The minute Christine spoke these words she realised the phone was the trigger. From this day she didn’t check her phone and rid herself of the anxiety.

Christine was provided with strategies and techniques to help her to sustain her life without anxiety.  As I know that when we slip into a negative mind set it can trigger our old ways of thinking especially as we had been doing the old behaviour longer than the new behaviour we tried to instil.

I recently heard from Christine who send me a lovely message:

Just thought I would drop you a line to remind you of how grateful I am that I came across your work. With your help I have really come such a long way and I feel that I have found the secret to a happy life it’s magical!

If you would like to have a magical life too contact me for a FREE 30 minute call to see how I can help you.

 *the name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.


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