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Sandra Greatorex - Career CoachSandra has a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching and Corporate and Executive Coaching.

She is also a member of the Association for Coaching.

Sandra also has a teaching qualification City & Guilds 7407. Sandra Greatorex is a life coach who for some years has provided coaching to people who have been made redundant.

Helping them to consider new career opportunities along with helping them to improve their CV and even overcome their interview fears as in some cases it had been years since their last one.

Sandra realised her expertise is helping people to get that dream job, having job satisfaction, feeling happier and motivated in the work they do which will also spill over into their personal life. The clients she has worked with have found the confidence and self-belief to overcome their fear of taking that first step to changing their situation.

Throughout Sandra’s career she has mostly worked on short term contracts.  She realised that she had to be good at applying for jobs if she was going to have the security of a job.  As a lone parent with bills to pay security was always important to her.  During her career she was involved in recruitment of staff and used the knowledge she had of the process to help others to get the job interview they desired and ultimately the job of their dreams.

Eventually she realised how she could change her situation and recognised what she wanted as her chosen career path. At this point she felt uplifted by the action she was taking. Working in her new job was great. In her work and personal life she was full of energy. Mondays were no longer a day that she disliked.

With the Career Transformation Programme she can help you to make that change too

She has had to overcome many changes in her life and has achieved what she wanted by her determination and motivation. Sandra has always been able to recognise new opportunities through knowing her strengths and weaknesses and learning from her past experiences.

Her career path has taken her from working with young people to working in local communities and with voluntary sector organisations. Her focus has always been on making a difference to people’s lives and helping them progress through a time of change. After being employed on many short term contracts she decided to take control of her career and became a trainer and life coach through her own business  Butterfly Transformation Ltd.

Sandra has always had a passion of wanting to help people in achieving what they want in life. She has experience of helping people be happier in their choice of career and their life, her qualifications in Association for coachingtraining and personal development, life coaching, and a life-time of experience left her perfectly placed to help others to have their dream job.

Butterfly Transformation has developed a number of products and services to help support individuals through career transformation to enhance their personal development.


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